Online Sessions


You describe your situation to me, we discuss your concerns and current circumstances. This gives me an initial impression of your situation and where you currently stand. We consciously tap into these impressions and delve into your inner world. As you close your eyes to minimize external stimuli and focus on your inner self, you gently slip into a meditative state.


Subsequently, we explore your feelings and thoughts to sharpen your perception and make room for what arises. We decode the reflections of conditioning in the intricacies of thought and explore the emotional resonances and reactions that stem from them. This perspective opens up the possibility for you to create new standards and values for yourself in a harmonious and compassionate state.

As we delve deeper into a state of serenity, we approach a state of consciousness from which you can adopt an observant attitude without being influenced by overwhelming emotions.


This brings calmness and relaxation to your energy system and leads you back to yourself.

In this state, your subtle perception can unfold and merge with trust in your intuition.


This serene way of encountering life will also positively reflect in your daily life. Our thoughts influence our feelings,

our feelings influence our decisions, and our decisions influence our actions.

These actions influence our entire lives.

An online session offers the great advantage that you can receive guidance regardless of your location and without the need for travel. In a familiar environment, one is often more accessible, providing the opportunity to delve deeper into one's own mechanisms and thereby achieve more comprehensive results. Through mindful and sensitive guidance, I will lead you through the process of self-reflection and support you with energetic guidance.


What you need:

  • A smartphone with an internet connection.
  • Find a place where you can be undisturbed for at least 60 minutes.
  • Wear extremely comfortable clothing.
  • Have a glass of water ready.
  • If available, feel free to use headphones.

At the agreed upon time, I will contact you via WhatsApp video call or phone call. I am excited to see what will unfold for you.


I look forward to YOU.

For all treatments, please schedule an appointment:

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Vielen Dank


Stress Reduction: Mindfulness can help reduce stress by allowing you to live in the present moment and worry less about the future or ruminate on the past.


Improved Mental Health: Studies suggest that mindfulness practices can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues by helping to interrupt negative thought patterns.


Increased Concentration: By focusing on being present in the moment, you can enhance your ability to concentrate, which can be beneficial in various areas of life, such as work and study.


Promotion of Self-Acceptance: Mindfulness teaches you to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment. This can help you better accept yourself and be less influenced by self-criticism and negative self-evaluations.


Enhanced Interpersonal Relationships: Through mindfulness, you can learn to be present in the moment when interacting with others. This can lead to improved communication, empathic behavior, and overall more satisfying interpersonal relationships.


Better Management of Pain and Physical Discomfort: Mindfulness practices can help reduce suffering from pain and other physical discomforts by helping you adopt a non-judgmental attitude toward your sensations and focus on the present moment rather than being overwhelmed by thoughts of pain.


Promotion of Overall Well-being: By regularly engaging in mindfulness practices, you can promote a general sense of well-being and satisfaction as you learn to experience life more consciously and intensely.


These are just some examples of how mindfulness can help. The actual impacts may vary from person to person, but many people find that regular mindfulness practices have a positive impact on their lives.

Chakra Energie Flow

If you feel unbalanced, uprooted, and disillusioned, to re-center yourself and come back to yourself, to allow your energy to flow freely,

to relax, become calm, and let go of everything that no longer serves you.


Chakras are energy centers in the body considered part of the subtle or energetic body system. Along the spine, there are seven main chakras that start from the lower back at the root and extend to the upper head and beyond. Each chakra is associated with specific physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics and areas of life. It is associated with a particular color and other attributes to convey or strengthen specific emotions or themes.


In a meditative state, we flow through your chakras, exploring their condition and respective aspects of life and potentials in an observing and perceiving state.


With attention flowing through and enlivened by consciousness, blocked energy returns to a natural flow to restore cosmic balance.

Find a unique connection to your energy and gain profound insights into its areas of influence.


Relax here and enjoy an energized, vibrant, freely flowing, and refreshed state.

Inner Space Journey

All themes, patterns, and challenging situations are energetically reflected, as energy is our foundation, and we ourselves are energy. We can perceive this energy through our awareness; sometimes, it also manifests physically, such as pressure at certain points or a feeling of tightness in the chest.


Our thoughts and emotions are ultimately energy in motion and influence our perspective, well-being, and actions.

I accompany you empathically and clairvoyantly on this level of perception, so you can learn to be mindful and refine your perception. Through targeted observation and awareness, the state can dissolve as it is recognized and penetrated at the level of consciousness, no longer remaining unnoticed in the subconscious and energetically involved.


This phenomenon sets the energy in motion, similar to the metaphorical image of an air bubble lingering isolated underwater. However, once touched, it begins to move and rise, eventually reuniting with the air and atmosphere at the surface. Through conscious perception, an energetic blockage can be dissolved, helping you to realign with yourself.


In the hidden depths of your chosen theme, we explore the mystery of insight and delve into where the threads of thoughts and emotions merge into a magical fabric.


Through quiet observation, we perceptively explore the backgrounds and connections of current circumstances.

Allow emotions and feelings to flow freely, so they can unfold, transform, and renew, revealing the true essence of your soul.

Through this journey, the intertwined veils of past and future can dissolve, granting you clarity and an objective eye for life's lessons and wonders.


A state of calm and tranquility spreads, allowing you to be fully present in the moment and enjoy the floating connection with the greater whole in this soulful, harmonious state.

Higher self connection

When faced with profound life questions or undergoing challenging situations, I am here to support you and utilize my clairvoyant and medial channels to spiritually guide you and convey the necessary information.


I will guide you through practices such as meditation, self-observation, and mindfulness. By calming the mind and attuning to deeper levels of consciousness, you can experience a sense of unity with your higher self and gain insights into its true nature and purpose.

In this way, you can delve deeper into the situation, gain insights into the subject, observe from the perspective of those involved, and understand everything in a more comprehensive context.


The "higher self" refers to a transcendent or spiritual aspect of the self that exists beyond everyday ego or consciousness. It is the source of wisdom, guidance, and connection to something greater than ourselves.

Discover your own interpretations of what the higher self is and how you can connect with it.


The natural bond with the sacred self guides you on a journey full of deep feelings, imbued with compassion and understanding, nurtured by love and your inner wisdom. Nurturing this connection can allow you to flourish, stimulate growth, and provide a deep sense of fulfillment and meaning in life.

Kinesiologie Balance - online

Kinesiological holistic treatment with the support of self-muscle testing, conversation, and energetic guidance.

You learn to use the self-muscle test for yourself in a way that you can also utilize it to support yourself in your everyday life.

Kinesiology is an alternative holistic healing method that combines various techniques from the study of movement, muscle testing, and energy work to promote physical, emotional, and energetic balance. The term is derived from the Greek words "kinesis" (movement) and "logos" (study) and literally means "study of movement."


In kinesiology, it is understood that the body has innate wisdom and that blockages or imbalances in the body can arise from stress, emotional issues, or other factors.


By using muscle testing and various kinesiological techniques, kinesiologists can identify these blockages and use techniques such as manual therapy, visualization, meditation, affirmations, or self-care recommendations to restore balance in the body.


Kinesiology aims to improve well-being and health on a holistic level and is used as an effective method for stress management, promoting mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and supporting personal development.